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Dream Makers

Dream Makers

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Premium Satin Pillow Companion 

Apply your Dream Maker to your pillow prior to going to sleep. 

Silky satin prevents agitation of your hair and skin while you sleep and helps maintains moisture. 

Stays cool all night long. 

Allows skincare and haircare products to be absorbed into your face and hair, NOT the pillowcase like cotton. 

Remove the Dream Maker in the morning to maintain your current bedroom decorum. 

Available in Queen and King Size. 

100% polyester. Satin woven  

***Did you Know the main difference between polyester and satin is that polyester is a specific type of fiber used to make a fabric and satin is a specific type of weave. Satin is not a fiber itself, rather satin fabric can be made of different types of fibers as long as they are woven together in a certain way.


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